How To Clean Install Windows 8 Pro Upgrade

A clean install is best recommended for an overall upgrade for all the versions of Windows and Windows 8 is no different. A custom install, also known as clean install, means installing Windows 8 using an upgrade version. After organizing data backup for restoring and reinstalling software for afterward use, Windows 8 Pro is likely to exhibit stability in terms of both performance and behavior. The clean installation process works only when Windows 8 Pro is an upgradable version. The system should have Windows on it while installing an upgraded licensed copy on Windows 8. The installation level is moderate to difficult.

It takes an overall 45 to 90 minutes to purchase, download, and copy or burn files and the time estimated does not include the clean installation process itself. Also, the entire clean installation process depends on the Internet speed.

Steps involved in the clean installation process are:

Go to Microsoft page of buy Windows and click on the appropriate run Windows button. A Windows 8 upgrade assistant file gets downloaded. Save this file on the desktop. There are many ways to download Windows 8, but this is certainly the simplest and easiest way for majority of home users.  Then, run the downloaded file on the desktop. Download the right version, either 32-bit or 64-bit, depending on the information related to the existing Windows installation.

As a part of the next step, information pertaining to the devices and programs that are either compatible or not with Windows 8 will be presented on the screen. Majority of the programs and devices are compatible but sometimes users may have to re-install them on Windows 8. Since, it is a custom installation process; users will be installing the software from the scratch, most programs and devices would not matter much. In case any problem arises, check out the installation guide for more information.

Once all the compatible details are thoroughly read, users can click the Next button. When asked on what screen to choose, users can choose nothing and click Next.  Then, click on the Order button found next to Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro. Once this step is complete, Windows 8 product key appears on the thank you screen. The product key is important, so, it is advisable to keep it safe, because it is required when Windows 8 is installed every time.

The next step is to download the Windows 8 screen. This step depends on the internet speed and hosting servers and may takes from minutes to hours. This step is followed by the installation by creating media step. Users can either choose from ISO file or USB flash drive for media screen.  Users can either chose USB flash drive if planning to install Windows 8 using flash drive or ISO file if planning to install using a disc. A file by the name Windows.iso is created on the desktop. With Windows 8 installation files on disc or flash drive, users can start the clean install process.