How to download and create a bootable Windows 8 Upgrade DVD

Downloading and booting Windows 8 through DVD is not as simple as it seems. If a user has upgraded to Windows 8 through a windows8-setup executable file, rather than upgrading through a DVD, then the person may face issues in trouble-shooting the system in situations where the system might not start properly or users will not be able to access the advanced start up menu. Remember, in order to boot Windows 8, one needs the Windows 8 product key and a proper system.

If a user wishes to create Windows 8 X64 (64-bit) DVD, then the booting process should perform on Windows 64-bit version. While, if a user wishes to create Windows 8 X86 (32-bit) DVD, then the booting process should be performed on Windows 32-bit version. Once the decision on which Windows version is required is determined, the user can download the windows8-setup executable file from Microsoft website and save it to the system.  Once the file downloading is complete, double-click or right-click and open the windows8-setup.exe icon. This will begin the upgrade of Windows 8, which in turn will be used to create Windows 8 DVD.

Once the program starts, users will be directed to a screen that asks for the Windows 8 product key. After entering the product key for Windows 8 upgrade, users can click the Next button. This opens up another screen that shows all the details pertaining to the Windows 8 version associated with the product key. If the user is sure about the Windows 8 version, which has been purchased then the person can click on the Next button. The upgrade program will start to download the necessary files needed to create Windows 8 DVD. The download process is a time consuming one. An error message could mean that the file is corrupt. In such cases, close the file program and restart the system as administrator.

Once the files are completely downloaded, the setup program verifies whether all the programs have been properly downloaded. This too will take time. Once it is done, users will be directed to a screen that presents three options asking what the user wants to do next.  Since the aim is to create a DVD (not Windows 8 install), users can choose the ‘install by creating media’ option and click the Next button. A screen appears asking whether the users want to copy files to a flash USB drive or burn images (ISO) on DVD.

Users should select ISO option and click on the Save button. A window appears asking for the location for creating and saving the ISO file. Save the file in the desired folder and click on save button. ISO image will be created as windows.iso by the Windows 8 setup program. The location of ISO file will be displayed to the users. Select the DVD burner option and burn the windows.iso file. Once the burning is complete, users can troubleshoot and boot the system, perform a clean install, or even upgrade the existing Windows version.