Slot Loading DVD Drive vs Tray Loading DVD Drive – Advantages and Disadvantages

Slot Loading DVD Drive vs. Tray Loading DVD Drive – Advantages and Disadvantages

The primary question that comes for everyone while buying laptop is whether to buy slot loading DVD drive or tray loading DVD drive? Though it is totally dependent on individuals, we need to know about these on before hand. You can purchase either slot loading DVD drive or tray loading DVD drive based on laptop models you prefer. The laptop model is closely related to the DVD drive you get since it should properly fit into the system. Moreover the system speed should not be affected due to the installation of DVD Drives.

Let us look into advantages and disadvantages of slot loading DVD drive and tray loading DVD drives:

The slot loading DVD drives have an appealing look which makes the laptops look elegant. Recent laptop models have slot loading DVD drives due to its compatibility. People who prefer the sophisticated laptop features with handy DVD drives can opt this slot loading DVD drive. These DVD drives have good dust proof feature which keeps it away from dust particles. You need not spend time in cleaning the drives that makes the maintenance more straight forward. The slot loading DVD drives are robust in nature which gives extended durability.

On the other hand, there are several disadvantages’ of using slot loading DVD drives. The product is little noisy. Users may get frustrated to get back the DVDs from slot when it got bump into the slot. Moreover fixing this issue is also tedious which needs help from professionals. You may need to spend a lot, each time to get help from engineers or to buy new slots. Thus the performance of slot loading DVDs gets affected badly.

On seeing the advantages of tray loading DVD drives, the DVDs can be easily retrieved even if it gets struck into the tray. However, proper care should be taken while handling with this drive for increasing its performance. The tray loading drives will not produce noise and hence people need not panic for using those drives. On the whole the performance of tray loading DVD drives is high, cost is also affordable, need not seek the help of engineers each and every time, can be used even by non tech folks. In recent laptop manufacturing history, tray loading DVD drive is more preferred than the other one due to its durability. Many laptops are manufactured having tray loading drives as it is popular among laptop users.

The tray loading DVD drives look clumsy and less sophisticated for use. Though its performance is good, it is less preferred due to its appearance. Trays does not have inbuilt dust cleaning features so it makes maintenance complicated. You need to take proper care to get long lasting tray loading DVD drives.

I hope you might have got clear picture on pros and cons of tray loading DVD drives and slot loading DVD drives. Compare the benefits in both the products before purchasing the laptop. Select the laptop design and model accordingly and hence you can enjoy using DVD drives.