Tablet or Mini Laptop – Which is right for you under tight budget?

Gadgets are playing the vital role in everyone’s life. Be it students, professionals or homemakers, the need for electronic gadgets such as laptops, tablets or android mobile devices have increased in current lifestyle. Whichever gadget you choose, all has something highlighting to offer you. But the primary question comes about how much does it cost? Though all gadgets find to be attractive, the deciding factor is the price of the laptop or tablet. This of course requires a small research and analysis to finalize with the one that best suit within your budget and offers expected usability.

It is an obvious question, is a mini laptop better than a tablet?  This is because, the laptop is very durable and it is very comfortable for those who use the keyboard more.  But if you are looking for a light device then the android tablet would become your choice.  This would now further make it to be a cumbersome task to decide upon which to buy, a mini laptop or a tablet?

To help you decide better, here are some distinguishing features and factors to be considered:

Should I buy a mini laptop or tablet?

According to the analysts, the android tablets are becoming very popular and it is expected to exceed the sales of laptops by 2016. The main reason for this is that, tablets use various apps which enables in quick search and filtering. It thus changes the way a gadget is used and your lifestyle too.

If you are looking for a device that can match the current digital trend and lifestyle, then the tablet would be one for you. Besides the tablet will also enable you to do any task quickly such as checking your bills, bank account details online and more. This would also be a perfect option if you simply want to while away your time while youtravel, watching videos or playing games.

But if you are looking for something professional and that could help you handle some critical tasks such as managements, creation of content, emails and to do many other office tasks, then the mini-laptop deserves to be your choice. The mini- laptop and tablet would not make a much difference in their functionality apart from a small distinguish between your personal and official advantages, but they does matter with extreme usability and price to distinguish and decide upon.

Let us see the advantages and disadvantages one over the other:

Mini-Laptop – Advantages

  • Portability and comfort for traveling
  • Has built-in Wi-Fi
  • Best for word processing, media editing, surfing, gaming
  • Can upgrade apps easily
  • Possible to connect hardware devices such as smart phone, hard drive, printer, music player and more
  • Physical keyboard will enable long typing which makes creation of documents easier

Mini-Laptop Disadvantages

  • Weights heavy when compared to tablets
  • Size is larger than a tablet
  • Heats up frequently and quickly
  • Not very powerful as a laptop

Tablet – Advantages

  • Highly portable and compact
  • Lightweight and takes only less space to accommodate in your bag
  • Battery life is longer therefore you need not often charge
  • This is an ideal device for watching videos, listening to music tracks, playing games, browsing, reading e-books

Tablet – Disadvantage

  • Lacks enough hardware connectivity as in a mini-laptop
  • Does not enable with word processing, photo editing, documentation unlike a laptop
  • No physical and touchscreen would frustrate for a long typing requirements, which is also time consuming
  • Expensive when compared to a mini laptop

Budget – Your Primary Deciding Factor

There is always a debate in deciding which one is best for you, a table or a mini laptop? How many ever features and specifications that the laptop or tablet has in it to state that one is better than the other, you finally end up deciding on the basis of your budget.

Talking about Tablet:

Today we can see many companies across the world releasing tablets for even less than £100. Even if you want some decent branded tablets that are cheap and quality, you can avoid those lesser known brands of tablets and look for the one at cheap prices offered by popular brands which still costs lesser than a mini-laptop. You can even find tablets from a good brand at the maximum affordable price though within your budget limit and they may not exceed £150. To recommend some of the brands that is worth considering are, Amazon Kindle fire and Google Nexus 7.

Talking about mini- laptop

You obviously have ample choice of mini-laptops with good features to buy within your expected budget limits. If your main purpose is to write, send emails, connect internet, accesses official information and create documents, then there can be no better choice than a mini-laptop. Some of the choices of mini-laptop within your budget range are: Acer Aspire 5349, Samsung Series 3P300E5A and more.

A Guide about What to Choose

Whichever gadget you have decided to choose, you must consider and work out deciding which would be the best one that can meet out your daily activities and requirements. To talk further about it and help you choose the best one that you may rightly need:

  • The gadget you choose must perfectly fulfill your usage / requirements
  • It should not only be a device of lifestyle but also a device of absolute usability
  • Find the model that will rightly suit you
  • The device you buy should not be only for the stylish statement
  • The device you buy must be durable, economical buying, last for some reasonable period and effective
  • Tablet or mini-laptop, it must be worth for the money you spend and serve the purpose completely for why they are bought

To Conclude:

Be it a mini-laptop or a tablet you are going to buy, the two main factors you must consider is the price and the usage. It would become meaningless if you buy something that is expensive but do not serve all your purposes. At the same time you must not miss a gadget or device that can offer you everything you expect and are available at best cheap prices from a reputable brand. Thus, think a while before you decide, You Want A Mini- Laptop or A Tablet?