Windows 8 Refund Procedure to get your money back

When people purchase Windows 8 it is also advisable to learn about the refund policy in case of any event to occur where the users have bought the wrong edition of Windows 8 or are not satisfied with the Windows 8 edition. Microsoft follows a strict North American return policy when it comes to returning the products. All hardware and software products will be taken back by the retailer if the products are returned within 45 days of purchase. All products mean even Windows 8.

Some users have felt that the return policy is rather confusing. According to the official return policy, it has been mentioned the products that are purchased can be returned via the retailer. However, the return address given is that of Microsoft’s Return Center. So, if a person has bought Windows 8 from online retailers, there is no clarity as to whether the product can be returned to Microsoft for a refund. Consumers call the Return Center or leave a voice message or mail the customer care for further clarifications. Microsoft assures a return phone call within one business day.

The Official Return Policy of Microsoft clearly states that consumers can get a refund if they return Windows 8 within 45 days from the purchase date. However, there are certain hooks in the official return policy, which eliminates majority of the consumers from getting their refund if they choose to return the Windows 8 license. If the version is a Windows 8 OEM, which effectively means that is a preloaded version; consumers are not eligible for a Microsoft refund. The return policies for the Windows 8 OEM version depend on the different computer manufacturers. If Windows 8 is pre-installed on a system, consumers can contact the system manufacturer for refund options.

Since systems manufacturers get Windows 8 OEM licenses for a very low price, the chances of consumers getting a full refund for Windows 8 is likely low. If consumers have purchased Windows 8 via subscription or volume licensing, then they will not be able to get a refund on Windows 8 license. In such a scenario, Microsoft recommends that users contact the distributor or the reseller for further discussion. Further, users cannot return Windows 8 if purchased online; this is according to Microsoft’s published return policy. Most users would tend to feel uncomfortable about this published policy since online software purchases are most common today.

Microsoft has stringent return policy towards products purchased online; no refund for online purchases. Users can follow the following steps in order to avail a refund Windows 8. First, the users should thoroughly go through the software license agreement of Windows 8    so that answering the queries of a refund specialist is easy; Second, keep the purchase information (payment receipt) safe for future reference; Third, open Windows 8 to answer the representative questions; Four, users can always call the toll free number.

Do not hesitate to explain the actual reason because the return policy requires a valid reason for refund.