What is a Windows 8 Transformation Pack for Windows XP and Windows 7

Users, who still have not got hold of downloading and installing Windows 8 for an existing system, transformation pack comes as a boon. The Windows 8 transformation pack essentially alters previous versions such as Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 into Windows 8 lookalike. The latest version that is updated to 4.0 adds Segoe as seen in Windows 8 to add more realism and authenticity. Additionally, the Charms bar was introduced in Windows 8 for users who are unable to the get system’s full interface run properly. The Windows 8 transformation pack 4.0 was designed with users of Windows 7 in mind.

The key advantage of Windows 8 transformation pack 4.0 is that it provides the look and feel of Windows 8 without altering any files in the system. However, considering the extensive user feedback, the transformation pack is now made more reliable and safe than it was before. The new Windows 8 transformation pack is quite safe and installs the Windows 8 theme, login screen, wall papers, icons, boot screens, and many more. Some of the key features of Windows 8 transformation pack for Windows 7 and Windows XP include:

  • Windows 8 user themes, wall paper, and user screen
  • Metro UI desktop with gadgets already pre-configured
  • Easy installation and un-installation allowing users a safe transformation
  • Genuine Windows 8 resources with Metro touch
  • Easily configurable
  • Designed for all Windows editions including server editions
  • Auto-repair system allows system file updating
  • Friendly Windows Update
  • Fresh start for XP/Vista and seven transformation pack with updated Windows 8 resources
  • Memory packing is UxStyle
  • Auto-figured log on
  • Auto-colorization feature
  • One-click configuration/installation

Another Windows 8 transformation pack is the Transformation Pack v6.5. This is the latest launch. According the creators of this transformation pack, users will find the changes largely superficial with access to various gadgets and Metro UI. Windows XP users find more radical changes one of which is the revamped interface.

The features of Transformation Pack v6.5 include:

  • Added transformation pack notes
  • Instant M2 and M3 logon screen/wall paper
  • Lite or Aero glass theme
  • M3 user interface
  • Fixed font installation option
  • Improved API code
  • Metro Inspired theme for XP with updated modern UI on start menu and task bar

Transformation Pack v6.5 is effective in its functioning.

The third in the list of Windows 8 Transformation Pack for Windows 7 and XP is version 6.0. Its features include:

  • Auto-configured Metro desktop UI, Aero frame UI, and Aero’s auto-colorization
  • Added RTM wall papers
  • Improved Segoe fonts
  • Updated file resources and features including navigation buttons, shell icons, network and system tray icons, theme dialogs, and boot screen (XP), shell pane background, and shutdown/log off.

The last in the list of Windows 8 Transformation Packs is version 5.0. This version has almost everything from icons to themes to wallpaper. Some its key features include:

  • Fixed   Segoe UI
  • Enhanced un-installation capabilities
  • Windows Vista theme replaced by M-Awesome Windows 8 RC

Updated Newgen tiles, Aero mouse cursor, loading circle animation, True transparency skin, explorer tool bar and much more.