Compaq Presario 420


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Compaq Presario 420 Specification:


Screen14 inch LED (1366 x 768)

ProcessorIntel Core 2 Duo 2.1 GHz


Storage250GB HDD

GraphicsIntel HD Graphics

DVD Drive


Card Reader








Compaq Presario 420

compaq-laptop-420Are you looking for a light weighted laptop for a cost-effective price range? Are looking for a laptop on which you can work long hours? Well, Compaq Presario with its advanced 420 series effectively fulfills your requirements. The Compaq Presario laptop of 420 series is a fourteen inch laptop with myriad attractive features, which are sure to attract you on purchasing the product. Read along the following text in order to garner a basic idea about the features provided by this product.

Features of Compaq Presario 420 series

The Compaq Presario 420 series laptop is a cost effective and well featured laptop which has numerous, myriad features. Like the other models of Compaq this laptop also has an Intel dual core processor. The graphics are also of Intel thereby making it all the more strong with dynamic picture quality. It also has an amazing sound quality which further makes it an attractive buy. The 10/100 wired Ethernet LAN serves the purpose of all those individuals who have to work at a stretch with the internet. The lithium battery support makes it all the more luring for students and professionals. With the long hours of battery support you can easily complete your work with the laptop, listen to music or watch a long movie for extensive hours. You can also make extensive calls with this laptop. The microphone and amazing sound quality allows you to do so. Again, the wireless LAN helps you to work with numerous computers simultaneously. The DVD RW is amazing and accepts any and every DVD. In fact this device is also very user friendly. It does not have complicated features which might appear to be difficult for you to perceive. The black, steel gray and various other classic color ranges makes it an attractive and best buy.

What are the benefits of using this product?

This laptop has some amazing benefits which definitely makes it stand out from its contemporaries. The 14 inches LCD screen along with backlight support helps you save a considerable amount of energy. This in turn, sustains the battery life, and, hence you do not have to put this laptop in charge, from time to time. The battery life is actually amazing allowing you to use this notebook for long hours. This is also ideal for individuals who have to work with the computer and the internet for long extended hours. This laptop is also pretty popular among movie buffs that usually spend long hours watching their favorite films. The battery support of this laptop provides them with this facility. Apart from the battery support, this notebook has an amazing sound clarity coupled with a beautiful visual experience. The color doesn’t hurt your eyes and is exactly perfect for watching. Again, the brightness is also pretty good, which eventually allows you to work at night. The LED light saves the power and hence keeps you less to worry about. To sum up everything, this laptop is indeed a very advantageous laptop which can be used by a wide range of individuals due to its affordability.


Is this product worth purchasing?

This product is indeed pretty much worth purchasing. This is in fact a best buy for all. The wonderful features coupled with the cost-effective range are hardly observed in laptops nowadays. Therefore this model of Compaq Presario is indeed a pretty smart buy. The 2GB ram of this device allows you to store maximum which is actually not observed in laptops of similar ranges. Again, you also get an amazing DVD hard-drive which is very purposeful. The box of this device contains a user manual, guide and adapter. The user manual helps you understand this laptop much better and help you enjoy the complete benefits from its features as well. Very often new laptop users may become baffled and they may not be able to perceive the proper and appropriate techniques of handling the laptop. But, with this user manual, the can easily control the laptop. The step by step guidelines mentioned in the laptop are sure to help all the individuals who are unaware of using laptops.  So, to sum up everything, this laptop is indeed a best and cost effective purchase. It is worth investing your money on this laptop/

Is this laptop available and does this have a warranty?

Yes, this laptop is widely available in all leading stores and websites. Most of these websites also offer amazing discounts which effectively lures you to buy this. Again, this also has a warranty. The warranty period is for one year. During this specified period of time, HP, will cater to all the damages suffered by your laptop. Again, you can also pay a small sum to extend your warranty. With an extended warranty with your laptop you can use the laptop the way you want. Hence, this laptop with so many amazing features and such a non-extravagant price range is surely worth purchasing. So purchase this laptop before stocks last.

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