Compaq Presario CQ43-300AU


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Compaq Presario CQ43-300AU Specification:


Screen14 inch Display

ProcessorAMD BRAZO Dual Core E-300 (1.3 GHz) Processor



GraphicsAMD Radeon HD 6310

DVD Drive


Card Reader








Compaq Presario CQ43-300AU

Compaq-Presario-CQ43-300AU-laptop-priceIn the last few years, Compaq has actually kept us all in awe with its wide range of laptops. All the laptops have been cost effective, sleek and smart, ultimately providing you with little scopes to complain. In fact, these laptops have the best features an individual can experience from a laptop. The amazing cost effective range, coupled with the even more amazing features is seriously an added advantage. In fact, Compaq Presario Q43-300 AU laptop is a pretty well featured laptop with a wide range of advantages. Read between the lines to garner more knowledge about this laptop.

Why should you purchase this product?

Well there are numerous reasons suggesting why you should purchase this product. The first among them is the wide range of variety offered in this product. Yes! You will actually find no other product which has as much variety as this product. From its RAM, to memory space and sound quality; every feature of this product is praiseworthy. Besides this, the amazing 14 inch LCD screen is also major advantage which may actually lure you to purchase this laptop. In fact you will not find any other laptop with such a screen size at this price. The screen resolution is superb and so is the graphic quality. The graphics are totally compatible for regular gamers. The device also has an inbuilt graphic card which also supposedly helps the gamers. Again, picture quality on the other hand, keeps you in complete awe. The laptop presents you with the best features, at a most cost effective range, so, purchase this soon, till stocks don’t fall short. The laptop also has an adapter which is provided in the laptop box itself. With its wide range of amazing features and varied advantages this product is sure to rule your hearts.

What are the features of this product?

This device has numerous features just like its other versions. From 2 GB DDR3 RAM to two separate memory slots. This notebook presents you with all the features that you always wanted in your laptop. From its lightning fast speed with the amazing picture quality, everything will surely keep you surprised. According to laptop and gadget analysts, procuring such a laptop in the offered cost is simply amazing. Many haven’t come across a laptop with so many features and such an economic price range. For individuals who have to work for long hours on the internet to movie buffs and music lovers, this laptop is a hot favorite of all. In fact you will not find a single feature to regret upon. The amazing sound quality coupled with the proper and appropriate brightness and contrast levels enhance your movie watching experience for good. Apart from this, there are also proper ports to insert headphones. Though this device has an inbuilt mic yet, working with an external mic is much more desirable. The laptop also has a keyboard which is provided with a soft touch facility. No mouse is provided in the keyboard box, however if you have difficulties in working without a mic, you can very well use one. The lithium battery allows you to work uninterrupted for long hours. Apart from this, you can also enjoy proper LAN facilities. The wireless LAN facilities are indeed pretty effective for individuals who have to run an office. Again, the Ethernet facility is also worth mentionable.  A free Ethernet cable is provided with this laptop which allows you to enjoy uninterrupted and lag free internet9depends on your connection). To sum up everything, this laptop is indeed a boon for all individuals who have to perform long term work, either by choice, or by compulsion.

Advantages of using this notebook

There are myriad advantages of using this product; the most important one being the speed and battery life of this product. Yes! As mentioned before, this device provides you with a lightning fast speed and an even more long term of battery life. Purchase this product to enjoy simplicity, relevance and interesting features coupled with style. This item suits those individuals best who are presently suffering from pocket crunches, and yet need to work for extended hours as required by their jobs.

Warranty of this product

This laptop also has a warranty for a period of one year. During this period HP will bear the cost of, all the losses and damages experienced by your laptop. However any internal damage is pretty much unlikely because the device already has a much upgraded version of antivirus software which prevents all the serious and damage prone viruses to enter your computer. Hence, this laptop is indeed worth investing your money in because it doesn’t offer you with any recurring costs; rather it eases and enhances your laptop using experience. Purchase this, and use this, to redefine your laptop using experience.

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