Compaq Presario CQ43-406AU


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Compaq Presario CQ43-406AU Specification:


Screen14 inch Display

ProcessorAMD E300 Processor (1.3 Ghz)



GraphicsAMD Radeon HD 6310 Discrete-Class

DVD Drive


Card Reader








Compaq Presario CQ43-406AU

Compaq-Presario-CQ43-406AUCompaq Presario is a user friendly and cost-effective laptop, with numerous intriguing features. This laptop is ideal for those individuals who have to spend long hours with the computer. In fact, it provides you with the complete and exact functions like that of personal computers. Compaq Presario CQ43-406AU has an amazing audio clarity coupled with an eye catching high definition picture quality which is perfectly suits the purpose of all movie buffs across the globe. The LCD screen of this notebook is dynamic with its even more dynamic color visibility. Read along to understand and get an idea about the features of this laptop.

Features of the notebook; an overview

This notebook is not only handy but also has some amazing features along with it. The AMD Processor with 1.3 GHz capacity is the best option at its price. The notebook is also well equipped with a 2GB DDR3 RAM and comes with a free disk operating system. The 2GB DDR3 ram is highly purposeful for all those individuals who have to store maximum stuff in their computers. Again, the graphics provided by this notebook is apt and it also has an optical disk drive with it. The device also has an Ethernet cable which can be effectively used when required. The webcam of this notebook is very powerful and so is the connectivity. The box of this device contains an adapter, card reader and user manual. This manual essentially helps individuals to understand the complete specifications of this item. The LED display and backlight helps you save energy and hence the battery does not wear out easily. And, the 320 GB hard-drive totally lures you to buy this product. This laptop comes in a series of classic colors of which the charcoal Gray is in maximum demand.

Why should you purchase this product?

You should definitely purchase this product for its high battery life and lightning fast speed. The features of this notebook totally complement it, and, according to market reviews you will not get any other device which is as purposeful and non-extravagant as this one. The amazing picture quality, dynamic sound, battery saving techniques is indeed highly attractive. Again, the design of this product is also very sleek and trendy which will effectively attract you to purchase this product. The storage capacity of this notebook is worth mentionable; apart from its 2GB DDR3 memory, the internal memory of this notebook can be extended up to 8GB. The laptop is well equipped with two different memory slots which will make you easier to divide the storage as per requirement. The 6 cell lithium battery also works for long hours, thereby providing you with the facility of working on a stretch. In fact this notebook is also easily portable due to its low weight. This notebook has a weight of only 2.2kgs which allows you to take it anywhere and everywhere. Again, as mentioned before, your movie watching experience is sure to be enhanced after purchasing this product. The amazing screen resolution and audio quality make it a hot favorite of all movie buffs across the globe. It is available in black and charcoal gray colors which add a chic and classic feel to it. In fact, this device is particularly ideal for all office professionals who have to use their laptops for a considerable amount of time.

Advantages of using this notebook

The most vital advantage of using this laptop is its amazing battery life. In fact many tech-savvies and users of this product, consider it to be a major pro. Again, the speed and versatility of this product is also sure to turn many heads. The built in VGA web-camera works perfectly fine and can be upgraded as well. The users of this product consider it to be a best buy and recommend it for all. The trendy and smart appearance of this device actually redefines your experience of using a notebook. And, the amazing price range of this product may lure you all the more. This is indeed a best buy and a cost effective buy, with numerous features and even more numerous advantages of it. So, Compaq Presario, actually rules the heart of one and all throughout time indifference.

Availability and warranty

This product is highly available in all leading online websites and local electronic stores. Moreover, many online websites also offer attractive discounts along with this product. For the warranty, HP offers a total 1 year warranty for Compaq Presario. According to the terms and conditions of the warranty, HP will cater to all the technical and physical problems of the device during a period of one year. You can also extend the warranty after a year. Again, the company also offers a stylish laptop bag along with it. So, keeping the advantages, non-extravagance and warranty in mind; this laptop is sure to amuse you and keep you in complete awe.

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