Fully stylish and best featured: Samsung N108-A051


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Fully stylish and best featured: Samsung N108-A051 Specification:


Screen10.1" LED Backlit

ProcessorIntel Atom N455



GraphicsNo Dedicated Graphics

DVD Drive


Card Reader








Fully stylish and best featured: Samsung N108-A051

Samsung N108-A051 design seems to be taken from one of higher end laptops. The price tag is kept on the lower side so that maximum people can have access to it. These Samsung laptops deliver cool decent style with all renowned notebook features. It’s having a LED backlit screen which comes in size 10.1 inch. Majority of the inner components are also manufactured by Samsung itself so you can trust on their reliability. Now your worries of charging would fly up in the air as, this one doesn’t needs charging and runs on 6 cell battery for up to 11 hours. It can keep you working all day and even more. In a day w obviously don’t use a notebook for more than 10 hours. Manufactured by an optimized processing technology it gives you a better performance and comfy features. Now you can connect and browse at the earliest. Internet surfing is pretty simple on N108. Provided with full support system for Wi-Fi WLAN Samsung laptops let you send mails and photos from anywhere anytime.

Now that we know its high on style the question arises regarding internal parts and working considerations. It’s a Samsung so you can relax. As far the outer looks are carefully designed the inner workings are taken full care of. It has been tested thoroughly and came out with flying colours. It can take up knocks and bumps very well, without ever letting you down. The device comes in durable, robust casing which run no risk of fingerprints and scratches. This notebook like I above mentioned incorporates many advanced features. It works on with all wireless networks including (WiMAX*, WiBRO* ANDF HSPA*). Protocols supported are 802.11 b/g/n. Its provided with integrated hinge. With this you can blend together keyboard and screen in a perfect angle. So neither typing nor viewing will need any efforts. The manufacture of screen is such that its antireflective. Even in bright sunlight the viewing of images is bright and bold.

You can have instant live chats using the webcam. The live you Cam also permit you to give cool video effects while on the chat. Chats would be more interesting with your mimic facial moments and the addition of virtual hats and masks. After editing and giving effects to videos you can easily upload them to Facebook and Youtube whatever you like. If you are not a chatting youngster but a serious working official, Use this liveCam to share files and captured important videos.

The main processing unit is the Intel atom N455 processor. Like other Samsung notebooks this is powered with USB slots too. Memory segments include a 1GB RAM and 320 GB hard disk. In its preceded model hard disk was 250 GB and the improvement is truly appreciable. The same SRS 3D sound continues in this one as well. Bluetooth wireless technology is supported in it. Like time never stops your laptop would also run day and night at its 6 cell battery system.

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