IBM X3200 M3


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IBM X3200 M3 Specification:


Screen3.5" Simple Swap

ProcessorX3200 M3 Intel Xeon E3430 (Quad Core) 2.40 Ghz



GraphicsNo Dedicated Graphics

DVD Drive


Card Reader








IBM X3200 M3

Part no 7328I6S

The IBM brand is a very popular brand that promises you to provide high quality of products. The IBM provides various series of IBM laptops with all having excellent features and beautiful looks. Among all the laptops provided The IBM X3200 M3 is one of them having part no as 7328I6S.  This laptop is very flexible because of its management tools that are very rich and flexibility in configuration. All this helps in business growth.

The IBM X3200 M3 with part no 7328I6S has many features the main feature of this laptop are, it is having the high speed Intel xeon quad core processor installed. This is very High speed processor and can simultaneously do their task that is it is multitasking. There is no memory storage problem because it is having RAM of 2 GB, and hard disk capacity of 2 GB. The CPU is having a speed of 2.40 GHz. The detail feature of this laptop is as follows.

The main features of this laptop are:

  • It is having a warranty of 3 year.
  • It is one socket Tower with Intel xeon quad core processor.
  • Has 8 MB cache.
  • Has RAM of 2 GB which can be extended also.
  • Has hard disk capacity of 2 GB.
  • Has 250 GB SATA.
  • Has DVDROM.
  • Part no 7328I6S

 The IBM X3200 M3 gives you the high management tools which help you to increase your business. Many stylish, attractive with beautiful colors, and portable laptops are provided by IBM. All this laptops is having a great technical features and specification that make IBM laptops more popular in market. Among all this laptops the one is IBM X3200 M3 with Part no 7328I6S.

 To specify the component that can be configured in IBM configurations, web based IBM hardware configurator four digit code is used. The IBM X3200 M3 with Part no 7328I6S is having the most important feature that is its processor. It is powered by Intel Xeon quad core processor. This is the high speed processor and multitasking in nature that is people can perform their task very easily and with comfort. Enough memory storage is available in this laptop that is having a RAM of 2 GB, and hard disk capacity of 250 GB.

The main feature of this laptop is:

  • It is powered by one socket tower Intel Xeon quad core processor.
  • CPU speed is 2.4 GHZ.
  • Having cache of 8 MB.
  • Having 2 GB of RAM which also can be extended.
  • Has 250 GB SATA simple swap hard disk.
  • Has warranty of 3 years.
  • Has DVDROM.

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