Samsung NP300E5C-U02IN


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Samsung NP300E5C-U02IN Specification:

OSWindows 7 Home Basic

Screen15.6" HD LED Display

ProcessorIntel Core i3-2370M processor(2nd Gen)


Storage750GB Hard Disk Drive

Graphics1GB Graphics( Nvidia Geforece GT 620M)

DVD Drive


Card Reader








Samsung NP300E5C-U02IN

121Get the awesome laptop of Samsung NP300E5C-U02IN which works faster with Genuine in Windows 7 Home Basic. It is well equipped with 2nd Generation Intel core of i3-2310M processor with 750Giga Bytes HDD and 4 GB memory for storage. Apart from this, the laptop endows awesome features such as browse the web as quick, access the numerous Microsoft Office tasks and video and music conversion within the short period from the most demanding applications. The anti-reflective part in Samsung NP300E5C-U02IN is about 36.9cm i.e., 15.6 HD LED display that endows images and pictures with the crystal clear as well as with brightening colors. The laptop matt surface has less effect of mirror, so that you can easily use it for long period, even for outdoors as well as your eyes will not get tired while using the laptop. In addition to this, the Samsung NP300E5C-U02IN model of Samsung laptop well established with long life battery charge with best anti-aging technology. The battery makes the lap to perform as 80% of its real capacity for up to 1000 recharges.

Long-Life Battery

To secure from the daily knocks or bumps, a robust Duracase Casing with a unique anti-fingerprints and scratch resistant is used to prevent from the normal issues. It also keeps your laptop as style for longer period. The physical specification i.e., the dimension of the Samsung NP300E5C-U02IN is about 367.9 x 243 x 29.0 and the weight of the notebook is 2.3 kg. The graphical memory is typically 1GB DDR3 and the processor is NVIDIA with optimum technology. The memory slot of the lap is about 2 DIMM slots to store the sufficient data and information. Apart from this, the sound effects of HD audio are normally alive to hear the classic version in Samsung NP300E5C-U02IN. The notebook is integrated with the web camera to capture the contrast pictures even at night.

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