Samsung NP305U1A-A06IN/A07IN/A08IN


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Samsung NP305U1A-A06IN/A07IN/A08IN Specification:

OSWindows 7 Basic

Screen11.6 inch Display

ProcessorAMD Dual Core Processor


Storage500GB Hard Disk Drive

GraphicsNo Dedicated Graphics

DVD Drive


Card Reader








Samsung NP305U1A-A06IN/A07IN/A08IN

120Samsung laptop manufacturing group stunned the other laptop companies by the prologue of its latest laptop model that is Samsung NP3050U1A-A06IN/A07IN/AO8IN. This laptop offers the exceptional excellences to the users by its superior design work of both interior and exterior appearance. The number of exciting features of this laptop model comprises of 1.3 MP HD camera, 8 hours battery backup facility, different colors with eye-catching nature, 11.6 inch screen display, high-speed Bluetooth connectivity, easy mode of internet access and more. Out of these amazing tools and traits, the HD camera confers the dazzling picture vision by its efficient image capturing feature. From that, the users can take eye-catching photos by using advanced photo making options that are in-built into the camera feature. And the high-speed internet accessing option allows the users to get the instant data from the number of sites in the net. So, the users will able to enjoy in the internet world without any restrictions or inconvenience. From the instant Bluetooth connection option of this Samsung NP3050U1A-A06IN/A07IN/AO8IN laptop, the customers can send or receive the data anywhere from the other Bluetooth devices.

Interior and exterior design

The design work of both interior and exterior part of the Samsung NP3050U1A-A06IN/A07IN/AO8IN is truly incredible and it bestows the incomparable facilities to the users. So, everyone will get the amazing experience from the each applications and design tools of this outstanding invention. One of the exceptional design features from the number of feature that are present in the Samsung NP3050U1A-A06IN/A07IN/AO8IN laptop is AMD duel core processor. This effectual processor is combined with the window 7 basic operating system that is extremely capable of providing the extraordinary traits and tools to the users. And this laptop model is made with the 2 GB DDR3 RAM memory and effectual 6 cell battery feature. The eye-catching colors of these NP3050U1A T A06IN/A07IN/AO8IN laptops include silver, pink, and blue, which attract the users by its smooth and shiny exterior look.

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