Sony Vaio Laptop E14A15


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Sony Vaio Laptop E14A15 Specification:

OSWindows 7 Home Premium

Screen14 inch (1600x900)

Processor2nd Gen Core i5 (2.50GHz)



Graphics1GB Nvidia Graphics

DVD Drive


Card Reader








Sony Vaio Laptop E14A15


Sony Vaio E14A15

Sony Vaio Laptop E14A15- The Cutting Edge Technology

Enter the era of new- age computing with the latest Sony Vaio Laptop E14A15. This second generation notebook is powered by Intel Core i5 processor with Intel Turbo Boost Technology thereby delivering a solid performance with ability to increase the speed as required to meet demanding tasks. Also, the laptop features Intel Hyper-Threading Technology allowing users to multitask. The laptop runs on Windows 7 Home Premium making it easy to share and enjoy favorite photos, music, videos, and TV shows.

Sony Vaio Laptop E14A15 notebook features an impressive 14-inch screen display. The specialty is that even when watched from different angles, the picture quality remains clear and sharp. Users can now have more fun viewing photographic images and watching movies. This E series laptop also renders exceptional sound quality. The Clear Phase and xLOUD technologies combine to give superior sound increasing the listening pleasure of the users. The xLOUD boosts speaker volume, while Clear Phase produces a natural sound.

Sony Vaio Laptop E14A15 features Hybrid Graphics System combining the power of AMD Radeon HD 7670M along with Intel graphics processing including 1 GB VRAM. The AMD RadeonTM GPU provides enhanced power management capabilities enabling users to redefine boundaries, which separates battery life and performance. The notebook also facilitates automatic selection of graphics performance for each application allowing users to enjoy graphic-intensive videos and games all the while conserving the battery.

Unleash the power of communication via the built-in Bluetooth feature. The Bluetooth enables quick wireless data transfer at minimal power consumption. The HDMI cable present allows users to digitally output music and movies onto the television making the ideal way to watch HD home movies. The notebook comes with two USB 3.0 ports and is 10 times more efficient than USB 2.0.  The USB ports allow high-speed data transfer between the USB device and the notebook. The E14A Series has long battery life standing upto 4 hours.

Sony Vaio E14A15 comes in a unique design and is available in five different colors of black, gunmetal, silver, pink, and white with an attractive accent color on the sides. With the latest Intel Core processor, touch pad, and keyboard, the notebook offers high-level performance.  The added power and speed offers enhanced productivity and increased enjoyment of the web, movies, and music. The notebook helps users to meet the demands of busy life indoor or outdoor.

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