Cheap Mini Laptops in India


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Cheap Mini Laptops in India

Here is the latest available cheap mini laptops from major brands and OEM Brands. Whether it is an reputed brand company or an OEM brand, the processor and other important hardware are from reputable companies. In mini laptops, mostly the processors are ATOM which are from Intel. The difference in quality will be the motherboard and its electronics , RAM manufacturer, Display quality and the outer case quality. Discussing here some of the mini laptops which falls under the price  range of less than  Rs-20000/- will be a good guide on buying the cheap mini laptop in India.

10 Inch Cheap Mini Laptops with DOS/Linux (Without External DVD)

When you going to buy a Mini Laptop from a local dealer or from an online shopping website, the most important configurations you need to look before making your payment are,

  • The Operating System
  • With or Without External DVD writer
  • Display Size
  • Atom N270 OR Atom N280 OR Atom N450
  • RAM Capacity
  • Attached web cam or not
  • Number of battery cells ( 3 or 6)
  • If you plan to install XP or Windows 7, is the drivers available from the manufacturer ?

So, here we will see some latest Cheap Mini Laptop models with DOS/Linux available in India

1- Samsung Mini Laptop N128  (Price Approx : 15500 and Less)

This model is Atom270, so you can get good deal of less than Rs-15000. This cheap mini laptop is still available in major cities. Comes with DOS Operating system. N148 is the latest on sale.

2 – Samsung Mini Laptop N148 (Price Approx : 16500 and Plus)

This the latest and recommended model over the N128. This cheap mini laptop from Samsung will cost between Rs-15900 to 16500 depends on dealer. In Delhi you may get this Mini Laptops even less  for Rs15000/-. This Mini laptops is a best buy for sale offer for many mini laptop lovers.

3 – HP Mini Laptop 210-1084TU (Price Approx : 16500 and Plus)

This HP Mini Laptop is also comes with the latest Atom N450 processor with Linux OS. This is the cheapest version on HP Mini line of laptops.

4- Acer Aspire One – Mini Laptop AO532H (Price Approx : 17000 and Plus)

Acer Aspire One Mini Laptop Model AO532H comes with OS – Window XP Home, Display is 10.1 Inch (LED), Processor – Atom N450 (1.66G), Memory – 1 GB RAM at 800MHz (Upgrade upto Max. 2GB), Hard Disk Drive  – 160GB, Chipset – Intel NM10 Express chipset, WLAN – 802.11 b/g/n, Webcam – 0.3M, Accessory – Battery, Adapter,Support DVD, Manual, Quick use guide.

You can choose any one from the above 4 cheap mini laptop models it looks very attractive buying a Mini laptop with Atom N450 processor is the best choice while comparing the N270/N280 models.

Cheap Mini Laptop Acer Aspire One 532H Un-boxing Video

So, What About OEM Mini Laptops?

This is the cheapest mini laptop from Champion. The price is just Rs-14000/-. Check out its specifications.

  • Intel Atom Processor N270 (1.6GHz, 533MHz,512KB) 10.2″ (25.65cm) LCD Screen,
  • 250GB Hard Disk Drive Webcamera
  • 3 Cell Battery
  • Wifi
  • Linux
  • 1.2Kg Weight
    3 USB Port
  • 1 Year Warranty

For more details and price for order quantity more than 5 pieces of this cheap mini laptop from Champion  CONTACT US . We give you the best cheap price on mini laptops.

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