Compaq Presario CQ43-405AU


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Compaq Presario CQ43-405AU Specification:

OSGenuine Window7 Home Basic

Screen14 inch Display

ProcessorAMD BRAZO Dual Core E-300 (1.3 GHz) Processor



GraphicsAMD Radeon HD 6310 Discrete-Class

DVD Drive


Card Reader








Compaq Presario CQ43-405AU

Compaq-Presario-CQ43-405AUWith the new range of laptops provided by Compaq, you actually get to encounter with the best well featured laptops at a pretty non-extravagant price range. Compaq Presario CQ43-405AU is one of the best laptops offered by Compaq. The laptop is strong, well built, well featured along with the best advantages which you can never expect from a laptop before. Go through the following text, in order to know better about the laptop and its features.

Is this laptop worth investing in?

With its varied features and numerous qualities this laptop is indeed worth investing it. This laptop is like a Pandora’s Box where you get anything and everything which you always expected a laptop to have. This laptop has an amazing battery support which allows you to spend long hours by watching films or by simply working on your presentations. This is indeed a very appropriate laptop for workaholics. This is because; this laptop enables them to spend long hours completing their work on the device. The battery actually doesn’t wear out easily, and the laptop always has apt energy to assist you in your tasks. Besides this, Compaq Presario 405 AU also allows you to play your favorite DVD. The DVD drive in this laptop is very much user-friendly and works under all conditions. Also along with this, you also get ample web camera services. The strong and smart web camera facilities provided by this laptop are also worth mentionable. The web camera works perfectly fine and has an amazing clarity. The microphone also presents similar advantages with an amazing and ostensible audio sending capacity. The speakers on the other hand provide you with ample sound which is both clear and loud simultaneously. On the whole, this device is indeed a Magic Box For all the tech savvies, movie buffs and music lovers.

Features in a nutshell

Yes! Like the other models of Compaq Presario this Laptop has some amazing features as well. The 2GB 1333 MHZ RAM works really fine and at a high speed to couple with it. Again, the Ethernet LAN and the wireless LAN also work perfectly fine with the most suitable functions and advantages along with them. Apart from these the AMD Radon Graphics of this device is also worth mentionable. The graphic is amazing, with perfect brightness levels and picture quality. Again, the 14 inch screen is a boon for all tech savvies who spend long hours on the computer. The Screen has an awesome screen resolution which facilitates every possible work with the laptop. Again, the keyboard is soft and suitable. No mouse is provided along with the laptop, but you can easily choose a USB mouse if you really want to do so. The graphic and screen resolution of this device is a great advantage for all game lovers. With the superb graphic and screen resolution they can play their favorite single player or multi player games without experiencing any interruption. The headphone and a VGA camera are also amazing. The camera provides you with the best picture you have ever seen. The clarity is awesome which thereby facilitates you to make frequent video calls. The built in mic works perfectly fine along with some additional features which make this laptop all the more luring. This is indeed a best buy with a high and amazing range of feature at a cost-effective and pocket friendly price. Try this device to enjoy the best experience from a laptop. In fact you will not actually find a single feature, which may disappoint you at any level.

Benefits associated with using this product

Yes there are numerous and varied benefits from using this product. The most vital one among them is that the laptop has amazing facilities for security. The amazing antivirus facilities offer you a complete tension free experience of your laptop. Again, the software compatibility of this laptop is also worth mentionable; it is compatible with almost all the leading software. Apart from this, Compaq Presario AU also has numerous features which are equally and pretty purposeful. The software also has an amazing back up facility which allows the device store the system data even if it is not shut-down in a proper manner.

Relevance and Warranty

In today’s word, laptops of these types with competent antivirus features and a host of other features are indeed pretty effective. The warranty is also provided for a year, which thereby expedites the advantages of the laptop. Apart from the warranty, this device is also very much more relevant and is highly available in all leading online stores and gadget stores. Browse through these stores to get your favorite version of the laptop. You can also choose from numerous colors; however the charcoal black has gained the maximum popularity. So, enjoy the best advantages from the most well featured laptop in town.

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