Compaq Presario Q43-412TU


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Compaq Presario Q43-412TU Specification:


Screen14 inch Display

ProcessorIntel 2nd Generation B960 (2.2 Ghz , 2 MB Cache)



GraphicsIntel HD Graphics

DVD Drive


Card Reader








Compaq Presario Q43-412TU

Compaq-Presario-Q43-412TU-price-indiaCompaq Presario Q43-412tu Laptop is the best laptop you can get at such an economical price range. The varied features of the laptop coupled with it’s amazing price range is sure to amuse you. The laptop is also available in numerous colors, which totally stand out from the rest. The laptop is chic, sleek and trendy.  And, it will actually not keep you disappointed with its amazing features.

Why should you use this laptop?

Well there are numerous reason which can totally lure you to purchase this product and actually use it. The screen resolution of this laptop is one of the reasons why you should use it. Yes! The screen resolution of Compaq Q43-412 TU is totally amazing and awe striking. The resolution is perfect and, it totally pleases your eyes to all extents. The brightness and color contrast levels are also superb. Moreover it works super fast thereby providing you with the maximum advantages you can receive from it. Though Altec Lancing Speakers are provided with this device you can easily upgrade the speakers to the ones of your choice. You can also use headphones with microphone in this laptop. Though the built in audio receiving quality in this device is superb, you can easily upgrade the quality with a set of good headphones. Again, the keyboard which is provided with this device is amazingly awesome. It allows you to maintain a super fast typing speed without your fingers getting hurt. The double slot memory storage is also an added advantage. In fact laptop analysts believe that it is extremely difficult to get a laptop with so many features, at an affordable range. You should definitely use this laptop, to enjoy the best experience of using a laptop. So, get hold of this laptop soon.

Compaq Presario Q43-412 TU Laptop; A well featured laptop

Compaq Presario is indeed a pretty well featured laptop with numerous features and sub features. It has a second generation processor of Intel with 2.2 GHZ. The awesome DVD RW supports all the DVD’s of your choice. Again, the 2 GB DDR3 RAM allows you to store numerous files, movies and songs. Again, if you are a professional you can easily store all your documents in the disk drive. This is indeed an amazing laptop with so many varied and unique features. Along with these you are also provided with a proper Ethernet LAN connection which thereby enables you to make unrestrained use of the internet. The powerful wireless LAN connection in turn, allows you to establish connection on numerous computers simultaneously. The web camera and built in microphones, are addendums which make your usage all the more enjoyable and effective. With the camera and the high quality in built microphone you can spend long hours on video conferences with colleagues, bosses and friends.

You can also use this laptop for office presentations. The battery back up of this device, effectively allows you to do so. Besides the mentioned features, Compaq Presario Q43-412 Laptop also has a 14 inch screen. This screen makes your movie watching experience better. With this device you can easily spend long hours by simply watching movies. The disk operating system is also provided in the package of the laptop. And, as we all know, Compaq Presario supports all the latest versions of the operating systems from windows and android. Again, this laptop is pretty slim and stylish and it comes in a variety of colors. Among the colors, charcoal gray has gained the maximum popularity. The graphics, HDD hard-drive, and each and everything of the laptop work perfectly fine. Hence, Compaq Presario is definitely a well featured laptop.

Advantages of working with Compaq Presario Q43-412 TU Laptop

There is a host of advantages of working with Compaq Presario Q43-412 TU. The most vital being, the amazing fast speed of it. In fact you will not actually get any other laptop with such an amazing and superb speed. Use it to enjoy the best speed coupled with the best experience one can actually enjoy from a laptop. The integrated digital microphone and webcam is the major plus points of this device, which allows you to make uninterrupted long distance calls with proper sound clarity. Use it to enjoy numerous  advantages at an economical price.

Warranty and Availability

Like the other laptops from Compaq, this one also comes with a warranty for a year. And, like the other laptops, the warranty on this laptop can also be extended. Regarding the question of availability, this model of Presario is almost available in everywhere; from local stores to online websites. And, the luring discounts on the online websites all the more attract you to purchase this device. Hence, purchase this model of Compaq Presario to enjoy superb and varied features of a laptop. So, rush to the stores or online websites and purchase it till stocks last.

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