Which is the best mini laptop in India?


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Which is the best mini laptop in India?

At present the major players in mini laptop market are Acer, ASUS and Micromax. Micromax is the new player in this segment. They have Laptab and Laptop models which are all comes with the ATOM Z3735F processors and 32GB of Flash drive.

First of all to recommend the best mini laptop, we omit all the laptops with Atom Z3735F processor and 32GB of flash drive. The reason behind that is because of real user complaints after few days of usage.

The first complaint we received is shortage of storage space. You need to buy a separate storage medium and carry with you all the time. After some usage and some programs installations, the second complaint follows. The operating system’s automatic update issues due to lack of storage space. So, while buying a 32GB flash drive based mini laptop, add another 64GB of SD card to your shopping cart which will cost another Rs-1200.

Another issue with this Atom processor Z3735F is the limited maximum RAM support. This processor only supports 2GB maximum. Also it has only 6400MB/s of memory access bandwidth which is not at all good for multi task operation.

The only advantage of these type of mini laptops are the fast booting time, less weight and long battery life.

If you travel a lot and you need a perfect mini laptop with good enough storage and smooth operation, we highly recommend those which comes with Celeron or Pentium processor. These processors not only operates on higher processing clock speed, also comes with expandable RAM and HDD storage.

After carefully removed all the mini laptops with more customer complaints, we selected one which is affordable with all the features for basic to intermediate computer usage.
The Asus X200MA-KX495B is the one we selected as the best mini laptop available in Indian market presently.

This one comes with the 2.16GHz Pentium Processor (N3540) and Windows 8.1 operating system which is upgradable to Windows 10. Like all other mini laptops, this one also comes with 2GB of RAM on a sigle slot. But, this Pentium processor allows us to upgrade the RAM up to 8GB if needed, by removing the present one and inserting the higher capacity one ( You can’t do it on ATOM Z3735F).

The another good aspect of this Pentium processor is the higher memory access bandwidth which is 12800MB/s. A higher memory access bandwidth helps in many ways particularly on multi task operation.

Moreover this Asus X200MA-KX495B also comes with all the necessary communication and connectivity ports. WiFi 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0 for communication. LAN, USB2.0, USB3.0, HDML, Audio jack, VGA for connectivity. All these together makes this one of the best. For storage it has 500GB of HDD and the USB3.0 port is there for your to connect external hard disk drives for fast data transfer. The SD/MMC slot could be used for many other purposes.

The screen is LED type and the keyboard is good quality too. The overall build quality is also promising.

Asus X200MA-KX495B – The best mini laptop now available in the market.

Don’t like this Asus X200MA-KX495B. Which is the best mini laptop apart from this one?

In that case we will recommend the other one from ACER. The ACER ASPIRE ES1-131-C8RL Mini Laptop which comes with the latest Celeron processor. Also got positive reviews with good benchmark results. Check that too before made your mind.

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