Samsung N148-DP05IN


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Samsung N148-DP05IN Specification:

OSDOS Operating system

Screen10.1" LED Backlit

ProcessorIntel Atom N455 Processor


Storage250GB Hard Disk

GraphicsNo Dedicated Graphics

DVD Drive


Card Reader








Samsung N148-DP05IN


Samsung N148 DP05IN

Samsung N148-DP05IN is available at a price of budget Smartphone and does the desired for you. It has good overall built and impressive battery backup time. Samsung company fulfilled the expected by presenting a low priced sturdy Mini laptop. The claims of company officials were not false and this is actually a highly portable, energy efficient device. It’s awesome for someone looking for a budget Samsung laptop. It’s powerful and smart. It has a 6 cell battery system which gives a battery backup of around 10.5 hours.

You can extend this battery life as per your comfort and ease of enjoyment. Packed in a durable casing, it runs no chances of getting scratches and damage. Its anti reflective technology built LED display allows you to enjoy your favorite pictures and videos even in shining sunlight. You have true value laptop giving you a satisfactory if not superb laptop experience. Am sure you won’t have complains for its value and worth.

There are little complains of sluggish response and lacks in screen but they were going to be. In this world of i-7 processors, processor with average performance is expected to get nagged.

You can consider this netbook if you do not have extensive office work and fast speed requirements. But else if you have other than basic computing and juicy needs this one may not suit you. Well if you buy do ask for memory upgrade to 2 GB RAM which would be a great help later on.

Specifications include an Intel atom 1.66GHz processor N455 packed with 1 GB of RAM DDR3. Hard disk capacity is 250 GB. Features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and webcam are all included in it.  Basically it is shipped with DOS but you can have a new version Windows installed on your own. The device is not for multitasking people as more than one application use gives considerable decrease of speed. This cool gadget weights 1.24 KGs and has dimensions as 188mm x 264mm x 34.7mm. It’s available in a range of five colors. Along the three edges of bottom it features red stripes. The lid material is glossy plastic and has a great feel while holding. It’s really a fingertip magnet piece by Samsung laptops.

N148-DP05IN runs on 4400mAh battery and has good performance. It also consists of motion sensor camera and a SRS 3D sound facility. Powered with USB ports it offers all that normally a laptop is desired to have. However the extent of facilities may be limited but we all know these things do depend upon budget factor.

CPU has some shortcomings that couldn’t hide at use. Video viewing is comfortable and it is also able to hold on 720p movie watch but not more than that.  You can play quake III arena and games on this laptop but not the other much modified ones.

On the whole I would conclude it’s good for light multimedia applications and computing works but for heavy works could never be recommended. Analyze your usage level and go accordingly from several Samsung Laptops.

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