Apple Macbook Pro MC975HN


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Apple Macbook Pro MC975HN Specification:

OSMac OS X Lion

Screen15inch 2880 x 1800 Retina Display

ProcessorIntel Core i7 2.3GHz


Storage256GB SSD

Graphics1 GB NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M

DVD Drive


Card Reader








Apple Macbook Pro MC975HN

Macbook-Pro-MC975HN-price-indiaMostly referred to as the universal laptop, the 15-inch MacBook Pro is a version that is redesigned without much efforts, when compared to the earlier release. Design wise there hasn’t been much of a hue and cry, probably, the internals are quite different with newer range of Intel CPUs, Nvidia Graphics, and USB 3.0.


However, Mac Pro is still featured as one of the best laptops, with the title split between the retina and the non-retina version. The design features a strong aluminum unibody chassis that is quite thin, but strong and sturdy at the same time. The keyboard and the trackpad are just the same as that of the previous versions, which feature slightly shallow and embedded keys coupled with a backlit feature that helps easy viewing at low lights too.

The trackpad is the one that is most coveted with the Retina Pro, and the feature still remains unbeaten over years, despite a stiff fight with the Windows multitouch gesture.


The 1440 x 900 pixel display is more or less a rot spot in the system. Despite the heavy Nividia Graphics 4000, the low-res pixel display is something that you will find with any low end Windows laptop too. Nevertheless, a 5grand extra will fetch you better display, however, it is definitely not worth the spend for a laptop such as the Mac Pro Retina. Nevertheless, resolution still remains unbeatable, which is something beyond compare for the Windows laptops, not to forget the aspect ratio of 16:10.


It is well seen that Apple is confining itself with the Thunderbolt Port, although the number of ports are just two in MacBook Pro, Retina. Also featured as the mini-Display Port output, the major change out here is in the connectivity options that feature USB 3.0 ports. This seems just one universal connector, which is a feature that works with many MacBook versions.

The major upgrade to this version includes the Quad core 2.3GHz, lined with the Ivy Bridge processor, Intel Core i7. The new Nvidia GeForce is the replacement of the earlier AMD Radeon, 6750M HD that benchmarked approximately 69 frames per second, when compared to the earlier version, which performed just 41.3 frames per second.


Improved processor speed

Superior graphics

GeForce GT 650 M

USB 3.0


Design unchanged from the earlier versions

SD card reader without the eSATA option

No options for mobile broadband.

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