Macbook Pro MD212HN/A


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Macbook Pro MD212HN/A Specification:



ProcessorCore i5


Storage128GB SDD

GraphicsIntel GFX 4000

DVD Drive


Card Reader








Macbook Pro MD212HN/A

Macbook-Pro-MD212HN-Price in IndiaWith the addition of the retina display to the 13-inch MacBook Pro, the company has taken out the odd man from the Ultrabook series that actually dwindle between the ultrabook and the mainstream house. Earlier, the MacBook Air was Apple’s go getter in the Ultrabook series feeding the masses with their daily needs. The most recent 15-inch Pro featuring a retina display was yet one of the most reached ultrabooks for many users who required powerful features and the standard Pro is yet a strong factor for Apple now. It has become one of the most archaic laptops of Apple feature a quality screen resolution and a chunk-like body.

Nevertheless, the update is not as revolutionary as it sounds because the 15-inch portrayed a similar role and it is something that we have already seen before. However, there are quite a few seller in the Windows range that are giving the Pro a serious tough fight here and a few worthy mentioning are the Acer Aspire S7 and Dell XPS 12.

Comparing a decent stand between the Pro, Acer, and the Dell range, it is worth mentioning that the Pro features a Core i5 processor and a 128 GB hard disck when compared to the low-voltage i7 as that of Acer. The storage space can be upgraded to up to 256 GB and the addition of a core i7 processor would make it the same range as that of the 15-inch display, not to forget the Nvidia graphics.

What is concluded?

The main selling feature of this Pro is the retina display that is something to be experienced in person rather than reading up mere reviews online. Unlike the 15-inch version, it is not a mere 2560 x 1600 pixels, but a more finder and condensed form of image. Although it seems to operate at a lower resolution, the images are more crisp and sharp.

The interesting part

The interesting part is that the non-retina types still exist and are making their way as well. Pro does not taper as that of Air and is a bit hard to carry as well.

Although it is not as thin as the Air, the footprint is slightly smaller. Surprisingly, many individuals throng to the MacBook Pro to and fro and definitely benefit more from the RetinaPro model. The 13-inch model is something like an everyday machine and users can just clock them in and out. Laptops have actually matched, but not yet surpassed the entire features of an Apple keyboard, the track pack, and of course the multi-lit keyboard.


The screen features a high resolution as that of the 15-inch display offering incredibly crisp images

Slimmer body when compared to non-retina models.

Trackpad and superior keyboard with good ergonomics


Feels more like the MacBook Air.

Basic model that features only 128 GB of storage space.   

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