Apple Macbook Pro MC976HN


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Apple Macbook Pro MC976HN Specification:

OSMac OS X Lion

Screen15inch 2880 x 1800 Retina Display

ProcessorCore i7 2.7GHz


Storage512GB SSD

Graphics1 GB NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M

DVD Drive


Card Reader








Apple Macbook Pro MC976HN

Macbook-Pro-MC976HNUpdates are something really critical to Apple, and MacBook Pro stands a least chance out. These series of laptops are closely monitored and generally fall under two different categories. They either deal with a single unibody construction or minor tweaks to the processor speed and the size of the hard-drive.

Well, it’s a surprise that the latest version of Pro actually falls out of these two categories. Apparently, the iconic aluminum body just remains and so also the large glass trackpad, whereas the internal components are just revamped to a mere spec upgrade.

The 15-inch Mac Pro Retina with a Quad-core 2.6 GHz and a i7 processor, coupled with an 8GB RAM and a 512 GB Flash is definitely an expensive bit of instrument, but is priced nearly 5grands lesser than the earlier high end version of the Pro. The extras of HDMI, 3G and Blue-ray are quite a setback, but Core i7 seems to play the he expensive trick and win out with ease.


The 1440 x 900 display is definitely a native resolution and is a carryover from the previous versions of MacBook Pro. However, the wide expanse of online HD video and an increased resolution will make users want for more. The 1680 x 1050 display is available, which costs a few more thousands extra, but with a price range of approximately Rs. 2,00,000, it is imperative that a higher resolution screen be included by default.


The joy of the SD slot is still embraced in this version of Pro, althoughthere are no new features that are incorporated. The only good thing to get excited about is that the display port features both audio and video, and this 15-inch version is also featured with graphics switching technology, aided through the NvidiaOptimus technology. The core logic is quite simple. The integrated graphics switch over by default making use of the app that launches the GEForce 330M, and it is turned off when not required.

The GEForce Technology

The GEForce for the Retina Pro does not assist hard-core gaming although;you can virtually run any PC game with it with minor tweaks to the resolution that is required. The smooth switching over of the GPU helps to make maximum usage of the HD graphics as well as other high-end graphics options that are present.


There are chances that you get a superior performance using the 2.66 GHz and Core i7, unlike the Core i5 version.


Efficient, fast, Core 17 processor, easy switching between GPU

Backlit, flat keyboard

Nvidia Graphics


Lack of HDMI port

No Blu-ray

No sophisticated options that are featured for a laptop worth approximately Rs. 2,00,000

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