Macbook Pro MD103HNA

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Macbook Pro MD103HNA Specification:



ProcessorCore i7


Storage500 GB HDD

GraphicsIntel HD Graphics 4000

DVD Driveasdf


Card Readeradfsdf







Macbook Pro MD103HNA

Macbook-Pro-MD103HN-price-indiaIt was quite some time ago that the 15-inch MacBook Pro was the world of the entire laptop population. Big powerful features ruled the world, yet college kids had still wished for the Air whereas the designer front preferred the Pro, and in a few instances, the 17-inch version too.

The talk of the UltraBook series

The near to thin as that of an ultrabook features a solid state storage of up to 500GB, includes dual ports (the Thunderbolt), featuring a display of 2880 x 1800 pixels. From an earlier version of Intel processors, these ultrabooks are now upgraded to the latest i7 processors, which also feature Nvidia Graphics, HD 4000 and USB 3.0 ports.

The optical drive is the question here, but with higher storage capabilities and a reasonable price to begin with, it is a tough task to think that the retina version stands ahead of the non-retina version of Macbook Pro. Although retina serves as the flagship model for Apple, this non-retina version, 15-inch serves to exist for those individuals who are tightly bound to Apple, but still require legacy features such as the Ethernet cables, Optical drives, and apparently, FireWire.

The thought

The point here is apparently simple. If you can afford the retina version of the 15-inch Pro and can still survive with the minimal storage that it offers, you can still chose it. On the contrary, you are looking for a great laptop with superior build, seemingly good battery lift, and wish to own one for a long-term, along with the legacy features, the non-retina version is still a good choice.


The interior components have been updated to the latest hardware from Nvidia and Intel. The 2012 version of the 15-inch MacBook still feels and looks the same as that of the previous iterations. The basic design and body, as with any Mac laptop is solid state aluminum, but with a unibody chassis offers the benefit of flexibility at all times.

Keyboard and other accessories

The trackpad and the keyboard are ideally the same as that of the previous generation of MacBook Pro. However, framing a decent comparison with the retina Pro, the only feature that can be noticed is that, the keys are shallower in retina Pro and the power button is placed at the upper right corner of the panel. Nevertheless, it is still one of the best keyboards of UltraBooks and stands a second chance to the Lenovo for comfort and overall usage.

Despite the competition from Windows that feature a larger trackpad and multitouch gesture, there is nothing to compete with the MacBook gesture implementation.


The display with a 1440x 900 px is one of the soft spots in the entire make and is more or less similar to the 1366 x 768 that is found on any Windows laptop. Given the price and the other factors into consideration, it is apparent that the resolution should be higher and crisp.

At the end, the 15-inch non-retina display is definitely an incremental feature of the Pro and is a powerful, useful, and yet attractive midsize laptop, which is heavily competed.


i7 – Extremely fast processor

Improvised graphics

USB 3.0


Archaic Pro design


Low-res display, whereas the higher displays are reserved for the retina Pro.

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