Apple MacBook Pro 13inch Retina MD213HN/A


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Apple MacBook Pro 13inch Retina MD213HN/A Specification:

OSMac OS X Mountain Lion

Screen13.3inch-2560x1600 Retina Display

ProcessorCore i5 2.5 GHz (Turbo Boost upto 3.1GHz)


Storage256GB SSD

GraphicsIntel HD 4000

DVD Drive


Card Reader








Apple MacBook Pro 13inch Retina MD213HN/A

Macbook-Pro-MD213HN-priceThe newly designed MacBook Pro featuring retina display hails as one of Apple’s most coveted product and apparently has a lot of fanfare. Apparently, as the name implies, retina display delivers a new technology to the existing laptops and also pulls in a wide range of influence from the MacBook Air and in a few instances, from the third-gen iPad.

MacBook Pro is an entire new tier of Apple’s products as it brings to the forefront a new technology of visualization that apparently, cannot be duplicated in other Mac laptops. The quad-core processor in a svelte body coupled with discrete graphics and a super resolution display, together with the HDMI port is definitely new to a MacBook.


The biggest change to Pro is the new body of aesthetics that was adapted from the uniform aluminum body construction and the frequent update to the new processors and features. MacBook Pro, despite the price is a find in many offices, coffee shops, and more. The recent 15-inch display was considered more of a mid-sized computer and the spin off from Air have clearly suggested the existence of a thinner offshoot that actually live aside the thicker versions of Pro 15 and 13-inch.


MacBook Pro and Air have been lined up in sequel with Intel’s third generation I processors, which are popularly referred to as the Ivy Bridge. And this is where the retina display starts. It is well known that most of Apple’s laptops have taken up sufficient time to line up with the sequel of processors from Intel, it is definitely appreciative that the Ivy Bridge has landed well ahead in time with more ease.


Nevertheless, the real highlights for these laptops are the Retina display that actually features a resolution of 2,880 x 1,800 pixels, which is something that was not introduced with any laptop so far! Even Windows highest resolution features 1920 x 1080 pixels which is actually the same for an HDTV. But Apple resolves this issue in a mildly different way, addressing the dot pitch on the screen as it did for the third-generation iPad.

Well, the reality is that the retina display looks perfect in real and it would look great all the more if you were to compare a non-retina laptop. For users with frequent reading habits or Photoshop freaks, this laptop surely gives the cutting edge and what it takes to deliver seamless performance.

At the end…

At the end, the MacBook Pro with retina display, although a little expensive at the higher end is the best all-around laptop, unless you are desperate for an Ethernet port or a built in optical-drive. Nevertheless, Ethernet can be made available with the help of dongles and other paraphernalia. From a distance, it can be mistook for Air, but the close up is an altogether different story. The multi fingered gesture and trackpad are almost the same with the previous generations.


  • High resolution screen with Retina Display
  • Redesigned, light weight body
  • Nvidia graphics, Graphics 4000 SD
  • USB 3.0
  • HDMI


  • Lack of onboard Ethernet
  • Absence of FireWire and optical drive
  • Non-travel friendly unlike Air or the Mac UltraBook

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