Laptops Prices in India

1. Acer E5-574G Laptop (i7/2TB/8GB/W10/GFX)
Rs: 68499

Windows 10

15.6inch 1366x768px HD

Intel Core i7 6500U - 2.5GHz Processor


2TB HDD - 5400rpm

(+) Positives: 4GB of dedicated graphics memory and 2TB of hard disk drive space. Also this one comes with the latest 6th generation Core i7 processor. These are the three features you need to compare with other laptops falling under the same price range. Apart from those, it comes with Windows 10 OS and 8GB of installed RAM. This is one of our highly recommended Core i7 laptop with dedicated graphics.

(–) Negatives: No 7200rpm hard disk drive. Not a full HD (FHD 1920x1080p) display. A 2520mAH battery is not at all going to give resonable backup on this laptop if you play games on the go. Compared to ASUS models, the design is not so attractive.

2. Acer E5-574G Laptop (i5-6th/1TB/8GB/W10/GFX)
Rs: 50989

Windows 10

15.6 Inch 1366 x 768px

Intel Core i5 6200U2.3GHz



(+) Positives: Powerful Intel Core i5 6th Generation processor and with 2GB of Nvidia dedicated graphics. A strong gaming and computing laptop. 1TB of HDD and 8GB of memory is good for most of the heavy computer usage. It has good connectivity and communication features. Comes with Windows 10 Home edition. The Nvidia GeForce 940M dedicated graphics with it's dedicated 2GB of memory makes this a prefect gaming machine.

(–) Negatives: Not a full HD display (No FHD). The HDD is 5400 rpm which should be 7200 rpm on this high end laptop. The 2520mAH battery is not good enough to play games and HD videos while you are on the move for long hours. The camera quality is also not the best.

3. Acer Aspire ES ES1-520-301E Laptop (AMD/1TB/4GB/Linux)
Rs: 19200


15.6inch 1366x768 HD

AMD E1-2500 Processor 1.4GHz


1TB Hard Disk Drive

(+) Positives: A good looking 15.6 inch laptop with AMD E1-2500 processor and 1TB of hard disk drive. 4GB of RAM is an added bonus. A value for money laptop with good features. The AMD E1-2500 processor is not so powerful like the Core i3. But for basic computer usage, this will be a best companion. You could expand the memory up to 16GB and it has 2 memory slots. Windows 10 runs smoothly on this laptop. The integrated AMD Radeon HD 8240 graphics is good compared to the one comes with Intel Celeron processor. A budget 15.6 inch displayed laptop with huge storage and good usability.

(–) Negatives: The processor is not good for heavy computing usage like video editing and programming. However it plays HD videos and some games smoothly compared to Celeron and Pentium processors. You need to install Windows 10 from your end. Could get drivers from Acer website.

4. Acer E5-573G-380s Laptop (i3/1TB/W10/GFX)
Rs: 34900

Windows 10 Home

15.6 inch HD Screen

Intel Core i3-5005U 2GHz



(+) Positives: Best budget i3 laptop with Windows 10 and dedicated graphics. Good for graphics professionals, students and game lovers. Watching HD videos with lot of fast motion is crystal clear on this laptop. The Nvidia GeForce 920M 2GB RAM Graphics is a good addition if you ready to spend little more for the graphics performance. Comes with 4GB of DDR3 RAM which you could expand upto 16GB (2 slots). The 1TB HDD storage is good enough for most of the computer users. A perfect laptop for movie lovers with enough storage for movie files and visual performance. Highly recommended for college students.

(–) Negatives: Actually we love this laptop. Not a single complaint from our customers. No complaints yet. Best value for money performance laptop for students.

5. Acer E5-573 Laptop (i3/500GB/W8.1)
Rs: 27999

Windows 8.1

15.6 inch HD

Intel Core i3 1.7GHz



(+) Positives: It is a good offer with Windows 8.1 and 4th generation Core i3 processor. 4GB RAM and 500GB of hard disk drive is good enough for your daily work. There are very few laptops available in the Indian market with 4th Generation processor. The performance difference between 4th and 5th generation is not noticeable on many occasions. All you have to do is, buy it and avail the Windows 10 free upgrade before 29th JULY.

(–) Negatives: 4th Generation processor with Intel HD 4400 graphics. But considering the price with Windows 8.1, this is a good offer. No big complaints and very little stock.

6. Acer E5-573 Laptop (i3/1TB/Linux)
Rs: 25550

Linux OS

15.6inch (1366x768 HD)

Intel Core i3 5005U -2GHz



(+) Positives: Comes with the 5th generation Core i3 Processor. 1TB of storage space to store big files without needing an external hard drive. 4GB of RAM is good enough for Windows 10 multi tasking. Installation of Windows 10 and using it on this laptop is very smooth. Good build quality with good features from Acer Laptops under 30000 rs in India. Good value for money laptop. Just buy it and install your preferred OS and save some money.

(–) Negatives: Comes with Linux OS. However Windows 10 installation on this laptop is not at all an issue. No big complaints on this laptop.

7. Acer Aspire ES1-531(Celeron/Linux)
Rs: 20000


15.6 inch display

Intel Celeron N3050 1.6GHz processor



(+) Positives: 15.6inch display affordable laptop under 20000 rupees. Good battery backup time. Have most of the connectivity and communication options. Good for basic computer usage. Can install Windows 10 on this laptop. Full size keypad with separate numeric keys.

(–) Negatives: Average build quality. Windows 10 is not pre-installed. Not for heavy computer usage.

8. iBall Exemplaire CompBook Laptop
Rs: 13999

Windows 10

14 inch Screen

Intel ATOM Z3735F 1.3GHz Processor


32GB eMMC Storage

(+) Positives: This is the cheapest 14 inch display laptop with Windows 10 available in India. It works best for basic computer usage. You can watch HD videos, browse internet, work on your word documents/spread sheets and listen to music on this laptop comfortably. The 32GB eMMC storage helps fast booting and quick response. The ATOM processor, eMMC storage and 10,000mAH battery provides best battery backup (More than 8 Hrs). You could buy this laptop if you are on tight budget and at the same time need a perfect laptop experience. A perfect value for money laptop.

(–) Negatives: We can not complain anything major on this laptop, considering the price. The quality of this laptop is questionable the moment you saw the price of this laptop. But it works perfectly. 2GB RAM is not enough if you do multi task and the storage space is only 32GB, on that the operating system and apps will occupy most of the storage space. You need an external storage like microSD card( Supports up to 64GB) or an external hard disk drive.

9. iBall Excelance CompBook Mini Laptop
Rs: 9999

Windows 10

11.6 inch Display

Intel ATOM Z3735F 1.3GHz Processor


32GB eMMC Storage

(+) Positives: This is a perfect mini laptop ( Not a 2-in1) with Windows 10 operating system and 11.6 inch HD display.iBall Compbook Excelance mini laptop is identical to Micromax Canvas L1160 Lapbook. But, this Excelance laptop price is below the Micromax L1160.This one comes with 10000mAH battery. Whereas the Micromax L1160 comes with 4100mAH battery.If you are looking for a mini laptop less than Rs-10000, this one is the perfect laptop. Available with Windows 10 out of the box.HDMI external display from this laptop is working fine. It has no trouble in finding the External hard disk drive via USB 2.0 ports.

(–) Negatives: This laptop works nice and for the price you can't complain the quality of the product. The sensitivity of the touch pad and keyboard feedback are not the best like big brand laptop models.The VGA web camera quality also not so clear. At some times you may feel the 2GB RAM is not enough for multi task works.

10. HP 15-ac125TU Laptop
Rs: 27199

DOS Operating System


Core i3 5005U 2GHz


1TB HDD (5400 rpm)

(+) Positives: Affordable laptop with the 5th Generation Core i3 Processor and 4GB RAM. 1TB of Hard disk drive is an added bonus for this price. Light weight and best looking design. Better connectivity ports and communication facility. The system memory comes with this one is 4GB and could be expanded to 8GB using the additional SODIMM slot. A best performing laptop for everyday usage. Windows 10 could be installed on this without any issues.

(–) Negatives: Average build quality. There is no Windows 10 and you need to install it from your side. Very average sound quality. The touch pad responsiveness is not so comparable to other laptops within this same price range.

11. HP Pavilion 13-S102TU x360
Rs: 45000

Windows 10

13.3inch Full HD - IPS Touch Display

Core i3 6100U 2.3GHz


1TB HDD (5400 rpm)

(+) Positives: Latest 6th Generation Core i3 Processor. One of the best suitable laptop if you travel a lot. IPS Touch screen with FHD (Full HD 1920x1080) resolution. Best connectivity and communication options. Best battery backup time. 360 degree rotation of the screen. Best keyboard and touch typing feeling. Can't complain the picture quality and sound quality. Light weight. Comes with Windows 10 pre-installed.

(–) Negatives: 4GB RAM for this price is not convincing and upgrading the RAM by another 4GB of RAM using the available empty SODIMM slot is a difficult task. There is no CD/DVD drive. It is a Core i3 machine without any dedicated graphics. If you don't need an IPS touch screen, better look for another laptop for the same price with best processor and other better features.

12. HP Pavilion 15-ab214TX Laptop
Rs: 62900

Windows 10

15.6 inch Full HD Anti-Glare

Core i7 6500U 2.5GHz


1TB HDD (5400rpm)

(+) Positives: Comes with the latest 6th generation Core i7 processor and 2GB dedicated graphics. The display is full HD (FHD) with 1920x1080 resolution Anti-Glare type. Pre-installed Windows 10 operating system. 8 GB of RAM. Excellent speaker. Best build quality. A powerful laptop with best processor and dedicated processor.

(–) Negatives: A high end laptop with 5400 rpm hard disk drive is not an attractive spec. 7200 rpm drives will make this laptop a perfect gaming machine. The drive speed won't affect the FPS, but helps in fast booting of OS and quick loading of games and programs. Apart from that this is a perfect laptop to buy.

What are all the laptop brands mostly sells laptops to Indian customers?

The top players in India are Dell, HP, Lenovo, Apple and Acer. These brands are well established in India and ASUS is picking up in the laptop market with many new models with latest hardware features. Micromax and iBall are Indian companies with very few models targeting the beginners providing cheap laptops.

The price in this website is not the same with local laptop dealer. Why it is like that?

We are a computer hardware dealer and we developed this website to help our customers to identify the right laptop for their need with the latest laptop price. Please use this website as a reference to identify different laptop models and features to select the right one for your need. Laptops itself is a commodity and the prices fluctuates due to many affecting factors. You could see this laptop price fluctuations clearly on online shopping websites. This website will be helpful to a new laptop buyer choose the right laptop with best laptop offer in Chennai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, Kerala, Hyderabad and other major cities in India.

How to identify the best laptop in India?

Every customers are different and their requirement. Some customers needs only basic features with their maximum spending limit. We explained each laptop with their positive and negative aspects to better understand the product.  Also we listed laptops under different laptop price ranges. We believe this website will definitely help you identify the right value for money laptop. We tried our level best to keep this website with latest laptops and updated prices.

If you have any questions, you may ask us on our Facebook page.

Why you listed laptop prices from only ? Not from others.

As an online shopper, I like for their best deals, fast delivery and best return policy. If you buy a laptop from an online dealer, we highly recommend to check the product warranty status immediately on the manufacturer website. If you have no warranty period remaining or less warranty period for a particular serial number, return the product immediately for replacement. offer full replacement if the defect or item not as described is reported within 10 business days. They are very serious about their customers compared to other online shopping portals in India. So, we linked to them on all laptop models.

How long is the free upgrade of Windows 10 is available to laptops with Windows 8.1?

As announced by Microsoft, the free upgrade from Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 is ending on July 29, 2016. Make sure to buy your laptop to upgrade well before that date to avail the free upgrade. For more details on check this Microsoft page.