Lenovo Y560 59051038 NB


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Lenovo Y560 59051038 NB Specification:





Storage500 GB


DVD Drive


Card Reader








Lenovo Y560 59051038 NB

The Lenovo Y560 59051038 NB is one of the high speed laptop with wide display screen.  Lenovo laptops have high storage capacity and good battery backup. People find it easier to work on high speed Lenovo laptop. The Lenovo Y560 59051038 NB has list of technical features and specification available that make it excellent and one of the high Quality laptop in market.

This laptop is provided with large and high resolution display screen of 15 inch so that people enjoy doing work and can watch movies on such high speed machine. There is no battery backup problem as it is provided with standard battery. It is provided with 4 GB of RAM and has hard disk capacity of 500 GB so that people don’t face any problem regarding memory storage. It has W7 as an operating system which is one of the most important features of this laptop in achieving the high speed.

The Lenovo Y560 59051038 NB is well known because of its high processor speed, it is powered by high speed Core i5 processor. It is one of the high speed and multitasking processor available in market capable of performing more than one task simultaneously. It is having very high CPU speed. This laptop is provided with many other features that make it different. This laptop has excellent integrated graphics of 1 GB and it is also provided with TV tuner.

All these features help in making Lenovo Y560 59051038 NB very affordable and high performance laptop in market.

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