From Rs-20000 & Below Rs-25000

July 27, 2016

There are very few good laptops available between 20000 and 25000. We suggest this HP laptop with Pentium 3825U processor and Windows 10. It is more than enough for most of the basic computer use. For a Core i3 Laptop under 25000 rupees, check this Acer laptop with Core i3 and Linux OS.

1. Acer E5-573 Laptop (i3/1TB/Linux)
Rs: 25550
Budget Laptop

OSLinux OS

Screen15.6inch (1366x768 HD)

ProcessorIntel Core i3 5005U -2GHz


Storage1TB HDD

(+) Pros:

Comes with the 5th generation Core i3 Processor. 1TB of storage space to store big files without needing an external hard drive. 4GB of RAM is good enough for Windows 10 multi tasking. Installation of Windows 10 and using it on this laptop is very smooth. Good build quality with good features from Acer Laptops under 30000 rs in India. Good value for money laptop. Just buy it and install your preferred OS and save some money.

(–) Cons:

Comes with Linux OS. However Windows 10 installation on this laptop is not at all an issue. No big complaints on this laptop.

2. Acer Aspire ES1-531(Celeron/Linux)
Rs: 20000


Screen15.6 inch display

ProcessorIntel Celeron N3050 1.6GHz processor


Storage500GB HDD

(+) Pros:

15.6inch display affordable laptop under 20000 rupees. Good battery backup time. Have most of the connectivity and communication options. Good for basic computer usage. Can install Windows 10 on this laptop. Full size keypad with separate numeric keys.

(–) Cons:

Average build quality. Windows 10 is not pre-installed. Not for heavy computer usage.

3. HP 15-AC168TU Laptop
Rs: 24300
Cheap Windows Laptop

OSWindows 10

Screen15.6inch HD LED

ProcessorPentium 3825U 1.9GHz


Storage500GB HDD

(+) Pros:

The processor is best for general computer usage and Internet browsing. This HP 15-AC168TU Laptop comes with 4GB RAM, DVD writer, USB 3.0 Port, HDMI port, WiFi b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0. Best sounding speaker. Overall best general purpose Windows 10 laptop with atractive features and affordable price.

(–) Cons:

No issues with this laptop. Not for Gaming or Graphics intensive usage. For gaming better look for Core i3 with 2GB of dedicated graphics card.

4. HP 15-ac184TU Laptop
Rs: 25300
Cheap and Best


Screen15.6inch LED

ProcessorCore i3 5005U 2GHz


Storage1TB HDD (5400rpm)

(+) Pros:

It is a laptop with 100% worthiness for the money spend on it. Decent 5th generation Core i3 processor with good integrated Intel HD 5500 graphics. Windows 10 installation works perfectly on this laptop. 4GB RAM which is expandable to 8GB and 1TB of Hard disk drive is another positive aspect. Sleek design with good communication and connectivity options.

(–) Cons:

Glossy reflective screen ( But clear and bright colored pictures). For this price it is the best offer from HP. No big issues to complain on this laptop.

5. Dell Vostro 3558 Laptop
Rs: 20450
Cheap and Best


Screen15.6" HD Anti-glare

ProcessorPentium 3805U 1.9GHz


Storage500GB HDD

(+) Pros:

Good build quality, decent processor for all types of basic computer usage and enough RAM for multitasking

(–) Cons:

No HDMI port, Could find laptops with N3825U processor which is better than this 3805 under this same price range

6. Asus F450CA-WX287P Laptop
Rs: 24000
Good Quality

OSWindows 8.1

Screen14" HD LED

ProcessorCore i3-3217U 1.8GHz


Storage500GB HDD

(+) Pros:

A decent 14 inch laptop. Good quality and performance is good.

(–) Cons:

No big complaints. 2GB RAM is a big negative point on this laptop.

Under 25000 rupees, which brand offers good value for money laptops?

HP is good in releasing new laptop models with latest processor and other features at an affordable price. You could find good HP laptop models with Pentium processors and Windows 10 operating system below 25000 price range.

Is the HP 15-AC168TU Laptop with Pentium processor gives smooth user experience on Windows 10?

This HP 15-AC168TU Laptop is one of the best selling laptop and it is well suitable for most of the computer users. The Pentium processor is better than ATOM and Celeron processors and perform almost equal to the Core i3. For a normal user, it is difficult to identify the differences. This particular laptop model comes with 4GB of RAM also, which is a good deal from HP.

How can I install Linux Mint OS alongside my Windows 10 operating system for dual booting?

It is possible to do that. But it is not like the easy installation method like Windows XP. There are lot of guides available online. But we successfully followed this Windows 10/Linux dual boot guide to install on our customer’s laptops.

Do we have laptop models with Core i3 processor under 25000 rupees?

Yes. Please check the  Acer E5-573 Laptop (i3/1TB/Linux) which comes with the 5th generation Core i3 processor, 4GB RAM and Linux OS. This laptop is slightly higher than 25000. But the features are really attractive. Unfortunately the price of laptops with Core i3 and Windows 10 operating system is more than 30000 rupees. If you are under tight budget, buy a laptop with Windows 10 and Pentium processor. They perform almost equally on most of the situations. To better understand check out the Geekbench score of two processors below.

1- Intel core i3 5005u – 2.0GHz – Geekbench score – 1800 ( Link )

2- Intel Pentium 3825U – 1.9GHz – Geekbench score – 1700 ( Link )

The difference is very minimal. However the Intel HD Graphics 5500 which comes with the Core i3 processor is much superior than the Intel HD Graphics which comes with Pentium processor. The benefit of buying a laptop with Core i3 processor is the integrated graphics which runs cool and gives you long battery backup.

Again the difference is slightly noticeable. Check this  HP 15-AC168TU Laptop which comes with Windows 10 and Pentium 3825U and 4GB of ram under 25000. It is really a good deal.