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Laptops with Core i3 Processor - May, 2016


HP 15-ac125TU Laptop

OS: DOS Operating System

Display: 15.6inch

Processor: Core i3 5005U 2GHz

Rs: 27199

Affordable laptop with the 5th Generation Core i3 Processor and 4GB RAM. 1TB of Hard disk drive is an added bonus for this price. Light weight and good looking design. Good connectivity ports and communication facility. The system memory comes with this one is 4GB and could be expanded to 8GB using the additional SODIMM slot. A good performing laptop for everyday usage. Windows 10 could be installed on this without any issues.

Average build quality. There is no Windows 10 and you need to install it from your side. Very average sound quality. The touch pad responsiveness is not so comparable to other laptops within this same price range.


HP Pavilion 13-S102TU x360

OS: Windows 10

Display: 13.3inch Full HD - IPS Touch Display

Processor: Core i3 6100U 2.3GHz

Rs: 45000

Latest 6th Generation Core i3 Processor. One of the best suitable laptop if you travel a lot. IPS Touch screen with FHD (Full HD 1920x1080) resolution. Good connectivity and communication options. Good battery backup time. 360 degree rotation of the screen. Good keyboard and touch typing feeling. Good picture quality and sound quality. Light weight. Comes with Windows 10 pre-installed.

4GB RAM for this price is not convincing and upgrading the RAM by another 4GB of RAM using the available empty SODIMM slot is a difficult task. There is no CD/DVD drive. It is a Core i3 machine without any dedicated graphics. If you don't need an IPS touch screen, better look for another laptop for the same price with good processor and other good features.


HP 15-ac184TU Laptop


Display: 15.6inch LED

Processor: Core i3 5005U 2GHz

Rs: 25300

It is a laptop with 100% worthiness for the money spend on it. Decent 5th generation Core i3 processor with good integrated Intel HD 5500 graphics. Windows 10 installation works perfectly on this laptop. 4GB RAM which is expandable to 8GB and 1TB of Hard disk drive is another positive aspect. Sleek design with good communication and connectivity options.

Glossy reflective screen ( But clear and bright colored pictures). For this price it is the best offer from HP. No big issues to complain on this laptop.


HP 15-ac101TU Laptop

OS: Windows 10

Display: 15.6inch HD LED

Processor: Core i3-5005U Processor (5th Gen)

Rs: 31990

Good 5th Generation Core i3 processor. 4GB of RAM and 1TB of Hard disk drive. Have 2 SODIMM slots and so easy to expand the RAM upto 8GB. The Intel HD Graphics 5500 delivers decent quality pictures while watching HD videos and playing games. Brightview screen delivers crisp pictures and vibrant colors. The DTS studio sound and the speakers delivers crystal clear sound to fill the room. Good battery life. A good 5th Generation i3 laptop in the market comes with Windows 10 OS installed.

The screen is glossy reflective type not good in bright environment. Apart from that, this is a perfect laptop available presently in the market. A good value for money laptop and no big issues to complain here.


Dell Inspiron 3542 (i3/Ubuntu)


Display: 15.6inch Anti-Glare

Processor: Intel Core i3-4005U 1.7GHz

Rs: 27500

Perfect 15.6inch laptop with Core i3 processor. Great look and good build quality. Comes with Linux Ubuntu and installing Windows 10 on it easy. Good display quality. A good looking basic laptop for students and officials.

Comes without laptop bag. You need to buy the Windows 10 Separately. No VGA out port. Not good for CAD/CAM or Video Graphics editors and in that case better look for a laptop with Core i5 processor. No HDMI out


Dell Vostro 3546 Laptop (i3/Linux)

OS: Ubuntu Linux

Display: 15.6 inch Anti-reflective

Processor: Intel Core i3-4005U 1.7GHz

Rs: 26000

Best laptop for students. Good processor for day to day computer usage. Comes with 4GB RAM. Reliable hardware parts. Good display and after sales support from Dell. Could install Windows 10 without any trouble.

No Windows 10 operating system. 4th Generation processor is not too bad, but could find laptops with 5th Generation processor for this same price.


Dell Vostro 3558 X510340IN9

OS: Windows 8.1

Display: 15.6" LED Anti-glare

Processor: Core i3 4005U 1.7GHz

Rs: 33500

Comes with Windows 8.1 and could upgrade to Windows 10. 4GB RAM and 1TB hard disk drive. Reliable business laptop

The processor Core i3 4005U is not as powerful as the Core i3 4030U processor. There are laptop models available with the "i3 4030U" processor from Lenovo and HP, which are preferable than this model. Better buy same model with DOS and buy your own Windows 10 retail version to install on it. No HDMI port


Dell Vostro 3558 Laptop


Display: 15.6" HD Anit-glare

Processor: Corei3 4005U 1.7GHz

Rs: 23499

Decent quality, very affordable, more than enough for daily computer usage and watching videos, good support from Dell

Not comes with Windows operating system which the buyer needs to buy separately


Dell Vostro 3558 Notebook


Display: 15.6" HD Anti-glare

Processor: Corei3 4005U 1.7GHz

Rs: 25000

Best laptop, good processor, good screen, huge storage and really cheap

Nothing bad except it comes with LINUX and if you need Windows OS you need to install it from your side. However the drivers for Windows 10 for this laptop is available from DELL website. Not a big issue.


HP 15-ac125TU Laptop


Display: 15.6" HD LED

Processor: Core i3 5005U 2GHz

Rs: 27200

An excellent laptop with good processor, good screen and other features at very affordable price

You need to install your own operating system. Other than that this is a fantastic machine with good features and cheap price


Dell Inspiron 3542 Laptop

OS: Windows 8.1

Display: 15.6" HD Anti-glare

Processor: Corei3 4005U 1.7GHz

Rs: 32000

Best price with well enough power and feture for basic and intemediate computer users. 1TB HDD and Windows 8.1 is the good at this price

HP and ACER have models with same specification at less than this price. But Dell is recommended for it's fantastic after sales support.


Asus F450CA-WX287P Laptop

OS: Windows 8.1

Display: 14" HD LED

Processor: Core i3-3217U 1.8GHz

Rs: 24000

A decent 14 inch laptop. Good quality and performance is good.

No big complaints. 2GB RAM is a big negative point on this laptop.